Welcome Creative Collaboration customers!

Welcome to the program that will launch you from begging for inquiries to turning people down. We will give you the tools you need to thrive ... not just survive. 

Maybe you feel like the market is too saturated 

We know success can seem like it's possible for everyone but you. It feels like everyone else is successful in the photography world, but you're still struggling to make your business profitable. 

You don't know how to make it happen... 

Maybe you feel like you're just not good enough 

Maybe you've invested in education before and it hasn't quite stuck 

Maybe you're already making money but you're overworked and underpaid 

Maybe you're booking, but not your ideal clients 


So, what if I told you that you could shoot absolutely beautiful weddings AND book your calendar full? 

You're in the right place. We support wedding photographers who feel stuck. Who need something to help them stand out, get noticed, and get booked. It's our passion to help photographers book out their calendars, become highly profitable, and take the mystery out of why some people are successful, and others aren't. 

^ you, probably


All while booking fantastic couples that you love to serve. 

We have perfected a system and help photographers around the world find success in this very saturated market. 

We're a husband and wife wedding photography team who help others break out of the stressful cycle of finding and booking ideal couples at a profitable price point.  

Success in the photography world is absolutely within reach. After hitting rock bottom (and unemployed) we developed a system that transformed our business so that our calendar is full with beautiful events all over the world. Over the years, we’ve perfected ONE area of our business that has led to:

A pipeline of previous clients who RAVE about us to anyone who will listen

Fantastic relationships with some of the best wedding vendors in our area that feed us inquiries on the daily 

Regular REAL WEDDING featured in publications like Style Me Pretty, The Knot, 100 Layer Cake, Wedding Chicks, and more. 

Consistently booking out every available weekend with a couple that we absolutely LOVE to serve

In case we haven't met... we're chelsey & Jordan 

Being a talented photographer can be enough to run a business. But it’s not enough to run a thriving business.

You can do everything right – buy the best gear, take the prettiest photos, be the nicest person you can be – but without our system, it’s very hard to turn those things into a thriving business that books your ideal client consistently.

You’ve got the passion. You've got the talent. You’ve got the DRIVE. Now it’s time to get the bookings.

Wanna know the best part? Anyone can implement the secret sauce into their business!

What we’re talking about is NOT theoretical. It’s not something that some people have and some people don’t. It’s not something that can’t be taught. In fact, it’s the opposite. Every single photographer has the time and ability to learn our secrets.

You need that little extra OOMPH to your business. That last push to turn a side hustle into a profitable business that is FUN to own. That thing that all of the successful photographers you admire have, but you haven’t found just yet.


At this point business we can honestly say that we love every wedding we shoot. And while we believe it’s an honor to photograph any wedding, we weren’t always being hired to shoot weddings that would fit in Style Me Pretty.

What did we add to our business to go from clipping coupons and wondering if we could pay bills to a 6 figure business? We implemented a world-class client experience that’s unlike ANY other wedding photography experience in our area. We’ve curated every single interaction a couple might have with us, from their first impression when visiting our website, to prompt and impactful email communications, through the booking process, the planning process, the wedding day, and the post-wedding workflow.

Focusing on this element on our business has turned what used to be a business transaction (you pay me for wedding photos, I show up and take wedding photos) into an experience that our past couples RAVE about, which leads to more bookings from their network of like-minded (and likely ideal client) friends and family members. And no, we aren't teaching you how to give clients gifts and treat them nicely. There is so much more to it than that. 

And we’re going to teach you how you can do this too!

The Photography experience playbook 


a comprehensive course for implementing a world-class client experience into your business.


“The playbook really helped me think through my client experience from the moment they inquire with me through the whole process. 

So many things about client experience focus on gifting or delivering their gallery and I really appreciated how this education went in depth from responding to inquiries to helping their stress, through a smooth portrait experience, AND album delivery 

It really had me reevaluate my ENTIRE client experience so I could pinpoint where I could improve. The last 6 weddings I’ve booked have all been world of mouth referrals from previous clients because they had such a great experience with me and I’m so grateful for the playbook! photographer and C&J student!


“Chelsey and Jordan’s Photography Playbook was such a game changer for me. 

I was able to implement so many different things into my workflow and it’s completely up-leveled my whole business!  

I think my favorite part was the email template section! 

I thought I was rocking my client communication until I saw how many different touch points they were giving their clients! 

It literally changed EVERYTHING for me! It’s already helped me bring in more clients AND more revenue from existing clients… and I finished it less than a month ago.” photographer and C&J student!

I'm so grateful for the playbook!

It literally changed EVERYTHING for me!

This 9 module course will walk you through EXACTLY how to implement this kind of photography experience into your already existing business. 

No need to overhaul your gear, your editing style, or your camera settings. This course will take your already existing skill-set and add in the missing puzzle pieces that will make an impactful difference. 

In each of these modules, we'll teach you:

Module 1: First Impressions – How to curate your brand, website, and portfolio in a way that will attract booking clients every single time 

Module 2: Pricing Strategy – How to use our pricing calculator to determine your perfect price that clients WILL pay

Module 3: How to Get Inquiries – How to create a self-sustaining inquiry machine that works for you and not the other way around

Module 4: How to Convert Inquiries – How to seal the deal by turning your qualified inquiries’ interest into obsession - EVERY single time 

Module 5: Implementing Workflows – How to work less but actually make the process feel more personal on the client side

Module 6: The Road to the Wedding – How to WOW your clients before you even show up for the wedding

Module 7: The Wedding Day – How to deliver above and beyond during the happiest day of your clients' life

Module 8: Handling the Photos Post-Wedding – Covering backing up your images as quickly as possible, culling/providing a sneak peak, a timeline for image delivery/editing, and our bonus album workflow 

Module 9: Extending the Experience for a Lifetime – We teach you how to ask for feedback in a way that gets you useful reviews and how to extend the experience for your clients well past the wedding day



“I love love loved the C&J Photography Playbook Course! I've been looking for a way to vamp up my client experience in a way that would allow me to love and serve my clients better all while being able to raise my prices!

There are so many aspects of giving an amazing client experience (branding, social media, emails, wedding day, etc) and C&J covered it all! 

I love the way Chelsey and Jordan teach; it's super easy to follow along. They provided video content, as well as printable PDFs which take notes if you're a pen and paper kind of girl like me! 

As a growing photography business myself, investing in education is so important because I need to be consistently learning, growing and changing. Thank you C&J for making these kinds of courses and investing your time and talents into other photographers like me.” photographer and C&J student!

I love the way Chelsey & Jordan teach!

Sure, you could continue doing things the way you always have. After all, taking pretty photos, being a nice person, and having a decent website are really all you need to add some longevity and legitimacy to your photography business. But your frustration and lack of profit is going to burn you out. 

And answer us this – are you truly doing everything you can do for your couples? We aren’t talking about sending them gift cards or bottles of wine (although, those can never hurt!). We’re talking about truly being there for them in ways only a world-class wedding experience can cover.

We’re talking about being impressive and building trust before they ever meet you. We’re talking the little things – even the microscopic things no one may ever notice. We’re talking more than hustling – secrets to our business that no one else knows. This isn't being taught ANYWHERE else in photography education.

You don't have to be exhausted or frustrated anymore We’ve found a way to streamline it all utilizing the industry’s most well-loved tools and some of our own little hidden gems that will truly change your life.

"But I’ve made it this far – will this education really help my business?"

The secret sauce of information in this course is plug and play. It’s ready to go. What you’ll learn will be applicable on day ONE - as long as you’re willing to put in the effort to amplify your business and never look back.


That’s an $1350 value, FREE for Creative Collaboration purchasers

You get:

Our 9-module course “Crafting a Client Experience That Books” ($1200 Value)

Worksheets, videos, and bonus guides, including watching a REAL wedding consultation of ours! ($127 Value)

Access to our favorite tools, with discounts and affiliate codes ($27 Value)


*Special offer only valid for coupon code only. Payment plans available!

We aren’t happy if you aren’t happy. If you give the course a try and it genuinely does not help your business, just hop on a quick call to discuss where it went wrong and we’ll be more than happy to buy it back from you.

Because we believe SO FULLY in our education, we’re proud to honor the Chelsey & Jordan GUARANTEE.

Roots in Education, 
Hearts in our Community.

We’re so happy to finally be able to transfer some of the knowledge that has helped us build our full time photography business from the ground up!

And guys – our client experience was such a HUGE PART of that transformation. Once we unlocked the ability to wow our clients in every single communication, our inquiries, bookings, and happy customers all skyrocketed. We started creating experiences that stuck out in the minds of our clients, and made them evangelists for our business – a huge reason why we’ve gotten as far in our business as we have.

But in our hearts we know we wouldn’t be truly happy without the ability to hand down everything we’ve learned to those who really need it! Educating our community is a huge part of our “why”, and it’s one of our favorite things to do. We’re so excited to be able to offer you this crucial piece of information for such a low price!


Chelsey and Jordan are the best mentors I’ve ever had. I’ve invested in a lot of wasted education and this is the first time that I feel like it’s been 1000% worth it. photographer and C&J student!


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for opening the doors to your business and letting me in. I’ve been hustling for what feels like years. Getting nowhere. 

I was doing all the things I thought you were supposed to do- post everyday on Instagram, network with other photographers, have a good website. But I was getting ghosted constantly and struggled to book at a decent price. 

I found myself undercutting my value, giving discounts, and constantly in a state of worry and frustration. Almost immediately after diving headfirst into The Playbook I found myself with more confidence, attracting clients who value me, and bringing in inquiries from ideal couples almost daily. I’m on my way to finishing my most profitable year yet and I truly have you two to thank for that.” photographer and C&J student!

We've helped hundreds of photographers level up and transform their businesses.


1000% worth it!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

The Photography Experience Playbook  is right for you if...

You never want to be ghosted by an inquiry ever again 

You want to nail communication with clients and make them feel valued and taken care of by you during the entire photography experience 

You're sick of being overwhelmed with the "business" side of things and want to finally nail your processes 

After the wedding you get a ton of referrals from your couples 

You want to raise your prices and have clients not blink an eye at their investment with you 

You want to book your consultations 99% of the time 

You want to be profitable and get clients to VALUE YOU 

If you answered YES to ANY of the above, you are ready to invest in yourself so that you can crush your photography goals and dreams. 


A world-class client experience can open up your wedding photography business to so many more opportunities! After you’ve implemented this system, you won’t have to spend so much time on client maintenance, and will be able to spend all of your time in areas of your business that make it truly impressive. And the best part? You can start right NOW!

You want to know how to stand out and get booked in this saturated market






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